Accessories are an essential thing while working with resin. You can use various resins accessories available to come up with exciting new things and show off your creativity.
We have silicone molds available to form new and unique objects using resin. They can be used to make jewelry, coasters, and so many types of ornaments. Our exclusive range of silicone molds allows you to take your creativity to the next level.
We recommend using a casting resin while working with silicone molds as they have a low viscosity and thin consistency, which is also a treat while working with silicone molds. The low viscosity resin will allow you to work with your resin slightly as it takes slightly longer to cure than the normal resin.Our silicone molds are of very high quality and allow the cured products to be removed easily without damaging them. Our silicone molds are completely harmless and are non-toxic.

Using Flowers With Resin

The resin has been known to preserve things for a very long time. It is used to preserve a wide range of short-lived products that need to be preserved or if someone wants to preserve them.Dried flowers have been embedded in resin to be preserved for a very long time. They have been becoming popular lately as people have started to preserve important, meaningful flowers in resin to look at them whenever they wish to. Flowers are supposed to be dried. First, they can be dried in many different ways, through air drying them, keeping them in between books, or using a microwave to dry them. Then it is also optional to seal the flowers if you wish to do that.We have a variety of dried flowers that you can use to make all sorts of different things, from jewelry to ornaments.

Flower in Epoxy Resin

Adding Glitter To Your Resin

Epoxy Resin Designs in Pakistan

Glitter is also used very commonly while making decorative pieces with resin. The glitter that should be used with resin needs to be a very fine micro-glitter. This is because using glitter in the resin can be tricky, and if you use a little chunky glitter, it can sit at the bottom of the resin. We have ultra-fine micro-processed glitter available in different colors that you can use to add some sparkle to your resin.