Each type of epoxy resin has a distinctive feature and has its pros and cons. It is important to research the epoxy resin you’re planning to use, if it will be suitable for the project you’re planning to do, and if it will match the requirements. If you’re working on a project where the product you’re working on will be submerged in the water or will have frequent contact with water, you will need to use a marine-grade epoxy. This type of epoxies is known for being used in boats or for an assortment of projects in contact with the water. It is important to use highly water-resistant epoxy resin, which will be long-lasting and reliable as it will be exposed to a harsher environment. Marine-grade epoxy becomes waterproof when it has cured completely and provides tensile and high longevity.

Pros Of Using Our Marine Coating

Our marine epoxy provides several benefits that make it better than the other ordinary epoxies available in the market. Our marine epoxy can make significant bonds with several surfaces and unbelievably high adhesion properties required while doing projects with Marine epoxy. Our marine epoxy can bond with any concrete, wood, plastic, and even metals. The marine epoxy has high durability and overall strength. It has a limited amount of shrinkage after it cures. Though our epoxy resins are 100% non-toxic, some hardeners are toxic that can be used with the epoxies. Our marine resin has a comparatively longer shelf life compared to other epoxies. Unlike the other epoxies, the marine-grade epoxies have a distinctive feature that allows them to retain moisture.

Epoxy Resin in Pakistan

Uses Of Epoxy Marine Coating

Epoxy Resin in Pakistan

hardener of your choice. The epoxy marine coatings are usually used for their anti-corrosive properties. They are used to coat tanks, ships, and other machinery pieces that are in constant contact with water.The marine epoxy coatings are highly resistant to almost all chemicals because of their highly non-reactive formula and thus are suitable to make anti-corrosion coatings. The marine coatings usually take about three hours to dry and then about seven days to fully cure before they are available to be used. We usually recommend going for a minimum of three coatings to obtain maximum performance. The service life of the marine epoxy coating in the seawater is expected to be about six years.