Epoxy putty is one of the items that is derived from epoxy resin. It is based on a two-component system like the epoxy resin, which reacts when they are mixed. It is also called ‘metal plasticine.’ Our epoxy putty can be used for many different purposes. It is highly moldable, malleable, and becomes as hard as steel after it dries. It is comparatively effortless to use epoxy putty compared to epoxy resin as it dries much faster and can be used for many more purposes. We have a huge variety of epoxy putties available. Some epoxy putties are highly heat resistant and are specially formulated to be used in places where the temperature can be very high. We also have putties available that dry out in different textures to suit their surroundings. The ones formulated especially to be used with wood dry out as a brown color, and one dry out into a grey color that is supposed to be used on concrete surfaces.

How Should Epoxy Be Used?

YOur epoxy putty is available to be used in a variety of formats. One type of epoxy putty is sticky putty. It is cylindrical, in which the hardener runs from the middle of the circle, from top to bottom. The epoxy putty reacts with the hardener, and then the reaction takes place. It is easy to use the putty when it is in stick form. You need to break some putty apart, mix the putty properly until your resin and hardener have combined properly and there are no streaks of the individual products. After the product has been mixed, you will only have a small amount of time to utilize it however you want until it hardens.
It is important to make sure that you have smoothened the surface you plan to use the putty on. You can sand the area by using sandpaper and then wipe with a damp cloth. Ensure that the area you’re using the putty on is clean and dry, or the putty will not bond with the surface properly. After this, you can take the mixed product and apply it firmly on the surface, smoothening it out using your damp hand.

Epoxy Resin in Pakistan

More About Epoxy Putty

Epoxy Resin in Pakistan

Epoxy resin takes very long to cure and requires time and patience. It has to be left for about 12-24 hours before it hardens completely and your product becomes ready to use after that, whereas our epoxy putty takes very little time to dry compared to the epoxy resin. Our epoxy putty is usable on various surfaces, including damp surfaces, and materials like steel and concrete can also be permanently fixed by using our epoxy putty.Epoxy putty has a variety of uses in various industries. Besides being used mechanically to form joints, it is also widely used at homes to fix broken things.