Our epoxy tank lining is one of the most sought-after products. It is highly durable, with a wide variety of finishes and colors available. The epoxy tank has a ton of uses and is perfect for storing and preserving a range of products. It is also great for use if you want to repair previously damaged areas or cover up repaired patches.
The epoxy resin is a thermosetting substance with exceptional thermal resistance and mechanical properties. This enables it to store different substances other than water regardless of their reactivity.Our epoxy tank lining has been proven to offer much more durability and compatibility than the other regular tanks. It elevates the durability of the tanks while increasing the longevity. Our epoxy tank lining will ensure that your tank resists any harsh weather conditions while retaining the tank’s qualities. Your tank will be safe and scratch or dent-free, while our epoxy tank lining will make sure that the paint also stays put.

Why Use Our Epoxy Tank Lining?

Epoxy is a highly stable substance, so it is extremely non-reactive, making it easy to store any substance. We can also customize the tank lining according to your preference, adding different compounds until you get the desired distinctive product. You can store some products in our epoxy-lined tanks are any flammable liquid, alcohol, or even alcohol.
Our epoxy tank lining has pH durability of 2-11 and a temperature of up to 60℃. It is also ideal for people who want temperature-controlled storage tanks. The epoxy-lined tanks are highly thermal resistant, being able to perform in any weather conditions.

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Uses Of Tank Lining

Liquid Epoxy Resin Spray

You can use the tanks that are lined with epoxy for stormwater retention, water purification tanks, and water storage in rural and remote areas.Our epoxy-lined tanks are toxic-free, solvent-free which highly reduces the risk of fire. Our epoxy tank lining follows a one-coat system and is sprayed using a piece of airless equipment. It is essential to ensure that the surface you plan to apply the epoxy tank lining must be clean, dry, and moisture-free.