Magic epoxy is a strong epoxy-based adhesive. It is a fast-curing adhesive that can fix products ranging from plastic to metal sheets in only 5 MINUTES! Just like epoxy, it goes through a chemical reaction when mixed with a hardener and only has a small amount of time before it is hardened completely. Our magic epoxy dried down to give a glass-like structure. It is HIGHLY scratch-resistant and does not distort with age. We have made sure to formulate it so that it doesn’t turn yellow, remains water-resistant, and does not start blushing with time.The Magic Epoxy is suitable to be used on a variety of surfaces, including steel, cement, marble, wood, and plastic too. Our magic epoxy comes in two parts, the resin, and the hardener, separately. The ratio that you’re supposed to mix is written on the packaging. The magic epoxy is colorless and odorless. It is widely used in the industrial sector and is also very helpful for a do-it-yourself, making it an essential product for every household.

Uses Of Magic Epoxy

The magic epoxy is a multipurpose product. It can be used to prevent any leakage from any pipe or tank as it is highly water-resistant. It is also used in many electrical appliances joints, as it has exceptionally good insulating properties. It has a wide range of uses in many different industries. It is highly used in the mechanical industry for various reasons. It is used in the construction and repair of hydraulic pipes. It is used to repair all sorts of diesel containers and to prevent leakage of chambers.
Our magic epoxy is 100% toxic-free and is safe to use. The magic epoxy is very durable and reliable. It is manufactured in the presence of our qualified professionals who make sure that we leave no option behind in providing you with the best possible product.

Epoxy Resin Hardener

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Liquid Epoxy Resin

Our epoxy putty is a magic product, as it can fix products worth a hundred dollars in a jiffy. Our epoxy putty comes in two parts, the epoxy resin tube and the hardener separately. The magic epoxy is a white color substance, which clears into a glass-like structure after it dries. The ratio that you’re supposed to mix to receive the optimal results is mentioned on the packaging. It has also become an essential product for all households as it comes in handy for fixing things when something breaks or cracks.
The epoxy putty is carefully formulated with our premium products, under the supervision of our qualified professionals. We make sure to use the highest quality of products, so the completed products give you the best results.