We have a wide range of pigments available that are going to take your projects to another level. We offer multiple types of pigments, each of those have a different type of finish and are highly compatible to work with. Our pigments can be used with any colored or clear casting resin, providing a wonderful product. Our pigments are finely mild, powdered to perfection, making them a perfect product to be used with a wide range of materials and in a variety of different products like soaps, jewelry, and candles. We assure you that our pigments are cruelty-free and very easy to use. All of our epoxy pigments are mostly composed to put up in our coating and casting epoxies for uniform mixing and setting. You can incorporate a couple of our pigments to create and make new different colors. We ensure that our pigments have a great color payoff, where a little product goes a long way. You can use our pigments with different resins, including paints, laminating, and casting resin.

Metallic Pigments

The pigments can either make a uniform color or add a little bit to have a slightly lighter color. We also have a premium range of metallic pigments. They are made from micro nanoparticles and are coated with different colors to add a unique finish. They are also known as the ‘special effects pigments, as they create a beautiful pearlescent effect on your epoxy products. Our metallic pigments are highly compatible with different casting and coating resins and can be mixed and matched to create a huge number of customized effects.We also have mica powder available that is ground into a fine consistency as a powder and gives a shiny effect. You can use the mica powder with any of our resins to give your product a shiny effect, but it is always recommended to use it with a clear resin as the particles are tiny and get overshadowed when used with dark colors.

Epoxy Resin


Epoxy Resin

Apart from using pigments, you can also use our dyes to add color to your resin. You can use many dyes over the internet, but not all of them work with resins. We have formulated our dyes in a way that they bind beautifully with all types of epoxy resins, giving wonderful color pay off and making sure that they work compatible with the resin. Our pigments are 100% safe to use, cruel, free and non-toxic. While working with dyes or resin, it is essential to wear nitrile gloves so that your skin doesn’t get in contact with any products. We always recommend that you wear gloves while working to avoid desensitization so that you don’t contaminate the products. It is also recommended to use a respirator to inhale any of the hazardous products.